Hello, I'm Michael. I love building stuff.

Why the beta? Well, because I really wanted to share this site, as it's a huge improvement over my personal site and I acknowledge that a lot of the content is missing/incomplete/in-progress along with some additional features. Writing takes time.

I'm a software developer. I tend to develop applications for iOS and the web, but I'm always open to other opportunities. I'm interested in innovation, technology, design, and making the world a better place. Often when some or all of these interests meet a passion within me is formed.

I'm currently attending Whitworth University and plan on graduating in December 2014 with a Computer Science B.S. and Theology minor. While at Whitworth, I've been engaged with several projects and am also the ACM Club President. I've previously worked at Intel Corporation and Hormel Foods ITS; I also work for my own venture when I can find the time.